However, I do not really get why the driver is in the sub repository and not in the ethernet repository. I tried a new COM module. After doing some experimentation of my own I done the following to experiment: In your command I could see it rebooting every time no matter what due to you putting the reboot command in. I then put this into an SH file that looped and it lasted more than 10 times without needing to be rebooted. Go to original post. Well like I said I tested it out well more than 50 times in the end on a constant loop with each one working for the network ping.

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Oinux can not post a blank message. The board is based on the raspberry Pi model B schematic here: Alternativly, I have my own okpk repository where I build the drivers as modules instead and add with “opkg install kernel-module-smsc95xx”. I paid attention to routing of the USB lines in layout and they are as equal as I could make them provided my design software does not have the means of routing differential pairs.

CONFIG_USB_NET_SMSC95XX: SMSC LAN95XX based USB 2.0 10/100 ethernet devices

The problem seemed to be with the routing and layer stack-up. The layer stackup is TOP, inner signal, inner gnd, bottom, and the parts of the board of concern are attached. Is there a method to disable LAN and start it again reliably? I resolved the problem, but it linnux re-manufacturing the board.


Reprogramming the ethernet chip lan Thu Jul oinux, 2: I’ve tried everything I could think of so far. Reprogramming the ethernet chip lan Wed Mar 01, 3: USB disconnect, device number 2 [ With a cron-job or after a sleep? And beside that thank you for your config script and the offering of having a look on my layout!!!! Reprogramming the ethernet chip lan Thu Feb 23, Software Engineer at Raspberry Pi Trading.

I assume you do not have a power switch between the edison and the LAN, so you do no need to connect this signal. I also know how to compile a simple driver I linhx not tested to compile the smsc95xx yet.

In your command I could see it rebooting every time no matter what due to you putting the reboot command in.

This discussion is locked. After these changes, the new board worked without problems. Like others have said it isn’t designed for it. Have you added or removed any other driver packages?

SMSC LAN — Embedded Xinu master documentation

Has been debuged on the newer kernels and now is working perfectly without modifications. It lists all the USB devices.


So, i downloaded the latest driver package from Microchip to get the cmd, built it, and guess what. I am trying to build my own hardware lniux extending the Edison with a Lanchip as discussed here: When it’s stressed, mA.

In my case, it last no more than 10 loops all the times I executed your script. I mean ,when I click on the function to see its utilization or when I search on https: Thank you for your answer anyway! I know how to make this driver loadable by compiling a kernel. Please don’t send PMs asking for support – use the forum.

Yes, I compiled my own image based on the official intel sources and pinux to the intel instructions. I found that Stretch uses a very old version from 1.

Full pinux on the LAN can be found here http: