This feature provides the enhanced rack-mountable TSSC 1U server and an ethernet cable for connection to the rack mount switch. These features provide unlabeled data cartridges or cleaning cartridges. An interposer may also be required for attachment to various server adapters. Software requirements The Model HA1 is supported on the following operating systems at the minimum levels indicated: The device driver is designed to dynamically track the usage on each HBA as applications open and close devices, and balance the number of applications using each HBA in the machine. A Solutions Assurance call is required at a minimum for the installation of the first in an account. For detailed information on the Tape Drive, refer to the sales manual.

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COD level additions can also be selected and implemented through license key upgrades with the TS Tape Library Model L53 or L23 frames, helping provide growth flexibility as required. None Dual 4. Plant or Field Full Advanced Library Management System This feature supports dynamic management of cartridges, storage slots, tape drives, and logical libraries in an fully configured TS Tape Library. Yes Capacity and Frame Features A frame can be ordered without any tape drives by specifying feature The TS drives and library robotics are TapeAlert-compatible, and are designed to provide tape drive and library error and diagnostic reporting.

This is designed to help increase drive availability in the event of a power supply failure. LTO Ultrium data cartridges have been designed to provide several enhancements over previous tape technologies. Host server connections are made to the Fibre Channel Patch Panel.


Yes Additional Features Entry Advanced Library Management System This feature provides a license key to support dynamic management of cartridges, storage slots, tape drives, and logical libraries in an entry configured TS Tape Library. No Charge Minimum number of features: A power cord feature number, if ibk, should also be specified.

Family 3584+05 IBM TotalStorage 3584 Tape Library Model L22

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. The TS Model E05 with feature codes or encryption-capable tape drive or the TS Model F4A, with feature code or or encryption-capable tape drive. Feature or is required. The dynamic load balancing support is designed to optimize resources for devices that have physical connections to multiple HBAs in the same machine.

This feature also provides an EKM publication. ALMS provides a license key to enable dynamic management of cartridges, cartridge storage slots, tape drives, and logical libraries. This feature also provides two IBM super logo rear side covers for plant only orders.

This feature is not required if the Driveless Frame feature is specified. This feature is only to install that tape drive when devicee assistance is required.

Family +01 IBM TotalStorage Tape Library Model D32

None on a Model L23; feature on Model D A smaller footprint, higher density library than the is desired. Each of the following has a male LC duplex connector on one end for connection to the tape drive and an SC connector for connection to a server adapter at the opposite end: With the granularity and scalability to follow your requirements from a few servers to hundreds of ddvice, from gigabytes to terabytes, this devicw pairing can grow with you, helping protect your investment.

The optimized dual gripper accessor moves cartridges within the library and the tape drives. For enhanced availability you may use CPF.


Each aspect of the library subsystem has been optimized for repeated, dependable unattended tape handling.

Field Only Power Features Dual AC Power This feature provides a power switch to allow connection of two line cords to two independent branch power circuits. All media and cleaning cartridges are warranted separately from the Tape Library.

An example of heterogeneous sharing is a Microsoft Windows application using the drive and storage slots of one logical library, while a UNIX application uses the drive and slots of another logical library. The drive can be reinstalled with the Drive Reinstall feature In order to support code level or higher, all node cards in the library must be xx3-equivalent node cards. See feature for installation.

IBM TotalStorage UltraScalable Tape Library Models now support the Tape Drive and expand

Values listed represent maximum possible values. If no host attachment cables are required to be shipped with frame from the plant, then the No Host Cables From Plant feature should be specified on the frame.

The following feature number must be ordered every time the number of attached frames is changed either added or removed in devcie TS Tape Library that has a Model HA1: The TS Model E05 Tape Drive can search the data content of host records for string matches offboard from the host server.