Typically you want to RADI similarly sized drives. View More Photo Galleries. Okay I’ve been googling like crazy and making lots of forum posts all over the web but can’t seem to find an answer. Dante New Member Total Posts: Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out.

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Good luck and it looks like you have things under control. Intel is raidd and it comes with the bay adapter, I can’t go wrong.


I also noticed that the OCZ product page for that model has a list of tested motherboards. Melampus Superclocked Member Total Posts: Do some additional research and if you have additional questions, then please ask. Man, i don’t know why You thinking like that! If you feel like it’s worth the cost, then that’s up to you.

Thanks to a helpful link from a different thread though, I might get evgga working.

Forums Posts Latest Posts. Need an Intel board to wipe them. Forums Posts Latest Posts. You seem to have a bunch of different sizes, so I am unsure how this will impact, but typically you are limited by the smallest drive size available.


SSD are new to me, don’t know evvga about, I’m used to hard drives.

790i Ultra SLI has Sata 3???

By defualt when set up your array it will be set for mirroring raid 1 you need to change this to stripe. I guess it’s importanto to defrag every single month.

There is no problem to buy PCIe controler with sata 3 and useing it with your motherboard. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Rxid far as performance drop with the intel drive on athere is a difference but if you end up upgrading your board to a x58 or p55 in the future the performance would be there then as well as AHCI trim enabled. I’ve come up with 2 options. Western Digital – I set my stripe size to 4kb but again it’s up to you which size daid want.

That’s an interesting card. At the top of this web page, click Support – Product Manuals – then go to your manual.

i Ultra SLI has Sata 3??? – EVGA Forums

No need to go installing drivers? Right so i can set it up as simply as that? How raod I make this image backup???

Intel gb has the best price. You’re only going to notice the bottleneck if your constantly moving gigabytes of files between hard disks and computers. Well when I say back up that would be a full image backup everything on the drives, kinda like a mirror image and a incremental back up just whats changed The last time I lost a raid drive was my own faultdarn torrentsand the last time i had a drive die was maybe 8 years ago on a quantum fireball 20Gig.


I don’t have the money to raid the Intel SSD yet, maybe in the future.

User Control Panel Log out. Don’t want to mess with RAID yet. I’m just trying to figure out if two SSDs will bottleneck vs four.

EVGA – EVGA nForce i Ultra SLI Motherboard – EVGA nForce i Ultra SLI Motherboard

Forums Posts Latest Posts. And no, you cannot use a normal hdd wipe program nor use the windows defrag either or you will see performance trouble real fast. Thanks 1 8 Replies Related Threads.