Up to 5 days with continuous usage while sampling all channels once per second. This product page contains items that either have a Lithium Battery installed in the equipment or have a Lithium Battery packed with the equipment. An internal clock and calendar keep track of the date and time of every sample measured. The alarm output is an open collector output which is analogous to an electrical switch. This bit, high-resolution, eight-channel datalogger has graphic displays and analysis functions for measuring voltage,current and temperature in real-time. Cable 15 m 50′.

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Battery Vac power optional.

Open the catalog to page 2. Description Voltage is one of the most fundamental and useful types of measurement performed today.

One second up to once every 24 hours. Each module offers 16 analog inputs, 16 digital inputs, one s This bit, highdefined sensors used for scaling resolution, 8-channel data logger analog voltage or current inputs in has saqpro displays and analysis engineering units.


Its unique ability to display measured values and analyze them in real- time on a graphical interface minimizes the need to download collected data to a computer for further analysis. An internal clock and calendar keeps track of the date and time of every sample measured. IP67 with USB cover attached. Cable 15 m 50′. Open the catalog to page 3.

Ask your sales representative for full details when placing an order.

Fourtec – Product Catalog

Temperature data-logger Pressure data-logger Universal data-logger USB data-logger Programmable data-logger Data-logger with screen Endoscope Multi-channel data-logger Flexible endoscope Data-logger with connector Videoscope Flexible videoscope Portable endoscope IP65 data-logger Portable videoscope Industrial videoscope Multifunction data-logger Daqlro data-logger Battery data-logger Climatic data-logger.

Temperature Internal Semiconductor Humidity Semiconductor. The inputs use pluggable screw terminal blocks for easy connection. Temperature Relative Humidity Barometric Pressure.

USB docking station to PC baud. Available in 4 weeks.

Data Loggers

Thermocouple K J T. Other Dostmann electronic products Data Logger.

Almost any 0 to 10 V and 4 to 20 mA sensor or transducer can be displayed and scaled in meaningful engineering units, e. Rated 1 out of 5 by art f from Totally Unreliable We tried to rely on this product to record temperature in several processes. Number of Input Channels.


Benchtop or Direct Sensor Mount. NIST traceable calibration certificate with points. Pressure Relative Humidity Temperature. The number of sensors in use limits the maximum sampling rate; 1.

OM-DAQPRO – OMEGA – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Up to 2 years. Available in 5 weeks.

Up to 5 days with continuous usage while sampling all channels once per second. Battery Universal Power Supply. Maximum sampling rate with five sensors or more and at least one is thermistor or thermocouple J, K or T is every 10 seconds 6. The unit can store up to 16, records per channel at programmed intervals. Flexible Probe PFA insulated cable. SD memory card 1 to dqqpro GB.