The notebook is designed very slim , which leads to missing out of an internal optical drive. The Dell Latitude D mainly aims at maximum mobility. The measurement diagram depicts the usual lowered blue color curve, which results in warmer colors, because red colors dominate. So, the calculated maximum contrast is This is not only observable because of its dimensions and weight.

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In order to enjoy music, we definitely recommend the use of a headset. Furthermore, the reviewed notebook was equipped with MB viveo memory. The notebook is designed very slimwhich leads to missing out of an internal optical drive.

Drivers for video cards for Dell Latitude D420 laptops | Windows 8 x64

This contrast ratio is yet sufficient, but not really outstanding. Ciao Dell Latitude D Also here, the use of magnesium parts was worth it. However, you should consider that this r420 a 1.

Alike is the reaction of the track pointwhose plastic cap is not really ergonomically formedand provides hardly any feedback to the finger.

Review Dell Latitude D Notebook – Reviews

In the contrary to its competitors, Dell viceo the D with a WXGA display, which clearly contributes to the overview on the 12 inch display. With a noise of about Because of the matt display and the good brightness the D should also be fit for outdoor usage.


The U Core Duo processors combines good performance and low energy demand. Still, the right side of the D provides you with a shapely power switch and a key for deactivating the wireless function. The 42 Wh battery in combinations with energy-saving hardware equipment leads to an excellent battery runtime. Please, switch off ad blockers.

The ports of the D are typical Dell Furthermore, a gentle Clamshell design was used, which is also known e420 having a positive impact on flexural rigidity. The Dell Latitude D is a small and compact vidro Also the hardware equipment contributes to this impression. At some parts you’ll find uneven gaps, which somewhat diminish the high-quality appearance of this notebook.

Most of the notebook’s ports are typical Dell at the back side. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. At higher demands the D noise emissions of 40 dB are possible and clearly recognizable.

The performance of the Intel Core Duo U processor is sufficient for non-demanding applications. While the noise emissions are low, the notebook clearly gets warmer.

4GB Memory for Dell Latitude D D D D Precision M65 M90 DDR2 – video dailymotion

Still, we want to mention, that maximum performance vidoe not the primary aim of the D and daily applications without high demands on calculation power should also not cause any problems. The non-reflecting 12 inch display surprises by a maximum resolution of x pixels.


Temperature In turn to the rather decent fan, the notebook gets clearly warmer. The mono sound of the single speaker left above the keyboard is really not worth listening at.

These characteristics of illumination of the display panel is connected with the used LCD technology which lights the panel from the bottom and spreads the light through a special prism of the LCD construction to the top. Even the performance is rather moderate. However, the keyboard does not only score regarding its size, also typing feels alright.

The single keys can be comfortably soft hit and the noise emissions are also alright. This provides a good overview even at such a small area. The display hinges are spaciously dimensioned compared to the compact size of the notebook. Up to 2GB are possible in this notebook.