The swords of the Britons at a later period wereof a very great length, longer even than those of the kimbri and Maroomannt. Museum of Artillery iu fluia, where it ia aaid to A be of the fifteenth oentuy. Keller, who has publishecl the fijc-simile, confounds this manner of hand-printing, already known among the Mexicans, with the real wood-engraving, which necessitates the use of the printing-press. In the Baycux tapestry William the Conqueror is represented vdth the lower ] art of his stockings covered witli rings, while the knights, like tlio Anglo-iSaxon warriors, have their feet bound round with thongs. Egyptian coat in crocodile’s skin.

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The coat in crocwliit? When, towards tho end of the sixteenth century, armour had attained its highest brigmtton of perfection, bnt notwith- standing ooold no longer offer a sufBioient protection against fire-aims, it declined, and ended by disappearing enthdly in the seotmd half of the seventeenth century.

The mtmBk, the xidge en theeoiiMiy ite great bbr-500, the large palettes, and the bearVfoot so- lereti: IT 18 oerftain, as we have already obaenred, that eaiih, wood, the skms of wild beasts, and, above all, stone scattered over the earth, must of necessity have been the first materials which man employed for the manufacture of his toohi and weapons ; and it is nith those primitive products that a universal history of tho wi upons of all people should begin.

Salude with crest, of the fif- teentli centurj- from the Iile of BLodefl. HU iposetl to haTe lived in gvr-500 reign of Augustus. Digitized by Google of iha Eenaissance. Gennan war-lmt of the sixteenth oentuiy, Bunnountctl by three large twiated ridgea, and with morable ear-platea Thli helmet is oovered with red telTct, and was naed principnlly for hunting.


There is a similar suit in the Tower of liondon.

Burgonct of the scvcnteeulb oentury. Mexican helmet in leather, wood, leopard bkin, and fi-atherd, of the fifteenth centmy.

Brigmton bt 117 manual instrucciones

Baek-plate of the platUiAmbroi CUiedion. In regard to those of defence, they were manufactured in bronze, gold, mother-of-pearl, horn, wood, and leather; and traced have been found of different arms, the origin of which is lost in antujoity. In addition to this there was a leathern strap to liang the shield loiind the neok. Digitized by Google Arms of the Irm Age. While poonding a mixture of snlphnr, charcoal, and saltpetre together in a mortar, the composition suddenly exploded, and the man was knocked down ; tliis proves that it must have been from a coramuu domestic mortar that tlie first idea of a cannon waa conceived; a touch-hole wiis added for the purpose of firing it without danger.

Full text of “Weapons of war, tr. by C.C. Black”

Early English heaumc, also with Boae- pieoebof tbeend of the twelfth century. The Marahal Strozsi, who died inleft a cabinet of armour of Bnintome speaks very fully: In that country the urmuur of the common horse- men during the middle ages was very impeifeot, for the French towns, not being nearly as rich or as Influential as the large German, Flemish, and Italian cities, were unable to organise regular bodies of townsmen properly armed.

The Italian bow, generally made of steel, brifmton uUjiit a yard and a half in length, like the German bow. Only two sorts enafc: We find very little change in Chiiit so and Ja] anL’so armour, for altliougli a slight alteration can be traced in costume throughout these various epochs, separated by hundreds of years, the form of arms has remained stationary.


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Babylonian dagger in bronze. Br-500 n at Brioude? Objects of two, and even of all three epochs, have been found intermingled— a fact which indicates a transition stntr.

There were some in the seventeenth century resembling in form a cap with a vizor, and sometimes witli br-500 movable nose-piece: This same slmpo, but with a shghtly different rim, was very much in use in France and Italy. Anglo-Saxon warrior, recognisable by his round Hliicld with huBn, and frtiose dekotin annoar does not differ in other bfigmton fiom the Noiman.

Digitized by Google Bassinets with Vizors and Neck-guards, But with weapons of oflfence he was well provided: In Switzerland fire-amiH were not introduced till a later date ; at DoBle the first cannons were cast iu loTl, at licrnu in Monoirrama and names of Gorman armourers.

Callinicus, a Greek, had learnt from the Arabs how to make three different kinds of Greek fire, and this secret he oommnnioated to Gonstantine Fogonatos daring the siege of 60 Abridged Hidory Coufitantinople.

Bjolassifying ftikem eanliilly aooording to brrigmton meohaniam, we may divide them into thirteen difltinoft kinds, via. AMjrinn buoUer, from a bas- relief. Meyrick, wlio has long been considered pro- foundly learnt on tho finbject of luieient brigmtoon, has some- times erroneously atLributed dates whoso errors have to be measured by centnries.