Well the shop has now sent me a replacement Blofeld, so Im back in action again. Languages Nederlands Edit links. So I guess the problem was something to do with the firmware upgrade. As I only bought it a few weeks ago, I contacted the shop and have now returned it to them. The Blofeld was first released in a stylish white desktop module and was followed up a year later with a four-octave keyboard version plus the addition of onboard sample RAM.

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I know that somewhere on this board is a post regarding freezing on v1. When the sample RAM option is used available standard on the keyboard model or as an expansion option for the desktop moduleOsc1 and Osc2 can load user samples that act as regular sound sources instead of the analog modeled waveforms or wavetables for even more unique sound possibilities.

Archived from the original on 6 June This compact and affordable wavetable synthesizer boasts one of the most complex digital engines on the market and is well equipped to compete with other powerful digital synthesizers such as the Alesis Ion and Access Virus TI Snow.

The Waldorf Blofeld is a synthesizer combining virtual analogue synthesis with wavetable uband FM synthesis.


For deeper editing, flip through the menu pages using the main encoder and then adjust the active parameters using the two knobs under the screen. Powered usn Kunena Forum. View the discussion thread.

Waldorf Blofeld | Vintage Synth Explorer

Memory – 1, sounds, multi sets. Review by Piotr Jablonski. Overall, the filters sound great, from smooth to aggressive, even if they are merely digitally modeled affairs. In effect it is possible and practical to program new patches from scratch via the UI, which, given the complexity of the engine, is remarkable.

It sports three oscillators per blofelv and two multi mode filters.

Waldorf Blofeld

Languages Nederlands Edit links. They will either fix the problem or replace it for me. Someone on the email forum had a similar problem and said it was fixed blofrld rolling back to v1.

I loaded a soundet into my Blofeld and it replaced every factory patch, which I don’t mind to an extent. Retrieved from ” https: Samples are loaded through the Spectre app where they can be freely assigned to the desired keys, even multisamples are supported.

Official Waldorf Blofeld tutorial. Though its outer metal shell remains ridiculously tough and heavyconnectors uwb knobs seem to be flimsy and prone to damage.

It is probably not, however, the first choice for faithful analog recreations. Each filter has a Drive parameter with various different flavors.


A number of sound packs are available for purchase. The Blofeld is fully multitimbral with up to 16 parts playing at once.

Everything was fine for a few days then it just lost the usb connectivity. Polyphony – 25 voices maximum Poly, Mono, Dual or Unison modes.

So instead I put v1. Hi, I just bought a Blofeld a few weeks ago but it seems to have developed a fault.

new Blofeld usb problem – Waldorf Music Forum

Images from Perfect Circuit Audio and Waldorf. There are two filters configurable in series or parallel with 2-pole or 4-pole Low pass, Band pass, and High pass, as well as Notch, two screaming Comb filters and an emulation of the analog PPG Wave filter. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The desktop unit is powered by a wall wart power supply. Waveforms – All Q Oscillator models: However, Waldorf has been updating the OS with reasonable frequency and by v1.