Find More Posts by Daniovan. Sign up using Email and Password. This answer is internally inconsistent. Video games require instant sound besides music. I need to be able to connect my Midi keyboard Studiologic Acuna88 , possibly a standard microphone and my electric guitar. After spending a lot of time in the settings of Sibelius, I have managed to get latency down to 10ms, although I am not happy with that.

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Or does it go with a sequencer?

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for your technically detailed post. Ill check that as soon as possible. The most important question to answer is: Self-made music goes in the weekly feedback thread sticky.

Send a private message to Daniovan. I presume this is a limitation of asio4all as a driver, not dealing with midi at all.

Sign up using Facebook. Find More Posts by lolilol Do you already have an account? Without giving a clearer idea of what you actually want to do with the interface your workflow, what you will be recording, etc.


No delay at all. Do you need a Midi-connection? Interface It’s very easy and cheap to get a Two input audio interface that has midi input and output.

windows – Reducing latency on MIDI-over-USB Keyboard – Sound Design Stack Exchange

C-H I’m still trying to get it to work. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Grumpy CakeMar 14, Submit link see rules first. Still a wider variety of sounds is available ready made now. What this means is that it Asio4All can help with the problem, a little, hopefully enough to make playing the keyboard less annoying. Sorry to be so vague but there are many, many choices in the hundred dollar range A small buffer reduce the latency but can become a problem if there are a lot of instruments and effects that need to processed and the cpu isn’t able to deliver to the buffer fast enough.

Originally Posted by Zelos Inputs: Send a private message to lolilol Thank you very much for your work.


Any suggestions for external sound cards? For “professional” or live usage you can try to lower that to 0, if your system still performs good. The signal you are awio4all is pretty small, but how fast the actual copper wire responds to electrification is most likely to blame.

Welcome and enjoy the community! They had a DirectX system before which apparently was insufficient.


Yes I am aware of that. I guess this was also in Windows 7, though. Asio4al anyone suggest some that I should look at? I have done this using internal routing of my Fireface and it works fine but uses up all of my channels. Send a private message to TheWhistler.

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