In the Errors list: We tried using optocoupling on inputs and outputs, HI-Q shielded USB cables max 2 ft and insulating transformers for power. Membership Required We’re sorry. Where did you steal a Timy, photocells and a set of TEDs from? I just got the USB-Isolator in the mail. I found the problem.

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I have informed Geoff, maybe he can diagnose why this happened. Like Reply 0 Likes. I don’t recall if the amplifier was turned off. All pins were soldered pass-through, but pins 10, 11, 12 have been extracted through a lateral hole, to a 10ft cable with a standard 9p F connector.

Then I used a serial to USB converter. I would like to get a serial connector for my Timy2. It the timer worked when not attached to the computer, I would suspect electrical noise between usg Timy and your PC. Nonetheless I still need to run the Com To File utility for my laptops to see Timy with the new driver installed.

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Partially means that even the proximity of the big CC motors of the cable cars gave high noise on the wires, and every day we discovered something new that could easily block the communications. Fred showed me the pc modelooks very cool, but I have had no time to play with it. I did not have this problem even once last year.


What mode on Timy?? Cheap, rock-solid, highly reliable I went to the ALGE site and downloaded timy. I used this link for my XP laptop: The simple solution is to connect your TIMY by serial connection. If it doesn’t, you can either admit defeat and drive the display from the B laptop, or hook up another timer and laptop via the second output on the A side of the blinky boxes.

However, I cannot say with certainty that the switch in dropped connections exactly corresponded to switching the external monitor. Hope this helps Chase. Just keeping this forum moving. We have our clocks and timing computer powered via a big UPS.

The TAG users have given up using the ethernet hook up and have reverted back to serial. Are you experiencing this multiple start issue when you press the start button on the TIMY or with an external start gate connected to the hill wiring? Fred has the answer. Thanks for all of the replies A good machine is a Dell D laptop. Since we weren’t using back-up timing, I was able to just switch to serial.


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Dell is a great off lease machine too. With a little bit more time to reflect, here are some further observations.

For now I’m optimistic. And, I don’t know how to move forward without this program. We’ll be ready for our competition. So far through two weekends of SL it’s Do you see the timy sending times to the software window, not the timing screen?? My best hypothesis follows from the fact that we were providing power to the Timy via a Xlge set that had a load governor.