After some time the timer will turn off the mosfet again and the current will be forced to stop. Using bench power supply, I think 1A is more than enough for low current testing. This site uses cookies. Is there anyway to amplify it substantially? A gate charge of more than 20 volts or in some cases, 30 will kill the transistor instantly, and you want to avoid this. Hi mads, I have built this circuit before i built the zvs,i found that each time i pull the negative or positive wire far away from each other then the IC blows. March 16, at

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Thanks for the fast replies!

NE Flyback Driver

I think your circuit demands more current from the July 21, at My customers are always looking for new projects to try. I transfkrmer used two mosfets in parallel instead fltback one and used a potentiometer in place of the resistor going directly to the oscillator supply rail. No, only one, but i tried with another to check if the problem was IRFP. Alex, you are on the right track.


Me toospent countess hours! After you confirm that, compare how much does the voltage drop on your battery cells when you connect it back again.

Home xP-rience Power Supply Telephone. How much voltage can you obtain? The duty cycle pot will vary power.

555 Timer-Based Flyback Transformer Driver

Hi I just got into flybacks……But i have about 13 of them sittin around and i like this but i wish i could use the original pins…. Also, where does the negative of the second supply traansformer The sound quality is low due to the way the audio modulation is implemented.

May you please extend them a bit from next time? I will buy some soon enough and i thought that when i will find the correct configuration i will make a real PCB.

It works great so thanks Mads. I have made the circuit, it is working fine. Okay I think that the 10k and 9k are potentiometers.

Timer-Based Flyback Transformer Driver « DIY Electronics

This is a diode across the transformer primary, with cathode at the Vs side. By continuing, you agree to the use of cookies. The only problem is, the sound quality is Really really bad.


Also, use mains ground PE. Oh, and I forgot to add….

555 Audio modulated flyback

I got so much help from this site. So when I Plug the 40v supply to the mains and turns the on, it draws a flybak of current. Thanks in advance for your kindness. How can it protect the gate. You can hear the music, but you cannot understand a thing. February 8, at A load is needed to dampen back emfs and, these are likely to be destroying the by being transgormer coupled thru the several hundred oF drain-gate capacitance of the fet.

November 7, at During my testing, the snubber was already there but I beleive you can bypass the snubber with low current testing. Subscribe To Posts Atom.