Only to wake up and find out her lover, whose death had been a recurring nightmare for her for three years had also betrayed her. Yeo Jin needed two operations – liver resection and liver transplant. Unless, DJ’s existence in the hospital has never been admitted by anyone. But you know what? And since he kind of saved her life, will she treat him better from now on? I see it as a normal personality. I had countless things to write on this thread but the ending reminded me why I liked all the dark series on cable stations and I don’t.

While she appeared to adopt different personalities, she was merely putting a facade of ruthlessness and determination so that she wont appear weak to her enemies and people around her. So I am hoping I will find some answers to the questions I have in the last 2 episodes. They were numerous and shamelessly long in some episodes with no real value on some of them aside from filling time. Would’ve ended satisfactorily for me tyen, even though I hate sad endings. I choose to step away from the madness because I don’t like what I am slowly becoming by staying on. They said they drugged her for 6 months. Many are looking for something specific that they like to see, be it action or thriller or what nought. He takes such obvious pleasure in being able to help people through medicine.

I will tackle those which answers are already laid out.

And please don’t goodcrama think for a single minute that he packed that ring case and gooddraa it with him: Jae October 3, at 7: To be honest I don’t know why Yong Pal had such crazy hype before it even aired, but I wonder if that “success” is part of what derailed it: He lets go a few moments later and walks off, leaving Yeo-jin alone with her tears.


Do you have any official concrete information that this show was plagiarised apart from blogs? Yeo Jin is a very fresh character, not belonging to the female norm epsode Korean drama. Min had his own agenda all along? That scene saved episode 16 for me. My answer is an empathic NO. I wasn’t planning to come back to this thread but saw that I missed some new posts.

In a big swamp it’s best to swim with a bigger herd. I can’t even do oyng small fist bump in air. While Yeo-jin orders Secretary Min to assemble the troops, Tae-hyun is told that Daejung is a formidable enemy, but is no way stronger than Hanshin.

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I hesitate reading the comments and review, because: In the end, when they cut open YJ, the adhesions were much worse than expected. In episode 14, TH was with the Butler when he bought the ring, that is why she knew about it. The detective’s arrest can only stop them from harming YJ syb but the system is corrupt.

In fact i thought it was very inconsiderate on part of YJ, she did not even consider that TH could have been hurt in the crossfire when she fed DJ to Daejung goons. Oh Matt, sorry to disappoint you. Thanks for the recaps!! This make him the prime suspect. A person who had had love and her rightful inheritance taken from her at every turn, got deranged e;isode was finally saved when love brought her from the edge.

So it was timely for Stephanie to bring back a new YongPal, the 3rd doc who was not afraid of taking risks unlike enf Hanshin docs – and it’s certainly more exciting to have a group of Yongpalyi surgeons, especially that Chief Lee was a Yongpalyi himself – performed a risky fatal injury in the past and wrongly eisode for malpractice and of course, the historic Whipple operation on YJ.


Iljimae ep 1 eng sub gooddrama

The genius in the war room! Aub has been with YJ since she was born. Choi Byung-Mo – You’ve made a name for yourself. Too bad that some people cant see this vital point above. You know Like Final episode Healer: Your analysis for the win!!

From the very beginning, Yong Pal was portrayed as a doctor who cannot not save anyone in need of his help. TH wants to save Dj but what did he do to TH?

And finally, epislde he became the chairwoman’s husband, he could hardly do anything at the hospital at all. The discovery gives them a second wind and they all get to work. Right there with you!

Or Yeo Jin wakes up from her coma. I don’t understand why people feel the need to find fault and not go with the flow; will they accept whole heartedly only a perfect drama? SS October 4, at 9: Well maybe so, but more to me TH is a liability and can also be use against her.