Taking on the tone of a righteous martyr, she announces that if the king will insist upon misunderstanding her motives, she will cease eating and count down the days to her death. Love Shuffle Japanese Drama. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: He definitely has my vote without even seeing the epsiode! Hotaru no Hikari Japanese Drama. Can’t wait for episode 2. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

Kazoku Game Japanese Drama. Kim So Hyun looks like a little kitty cat that I want to pet! I was disappointed with Jung Il Woo’s character as I thought it would have me laughing but his chat with ‘Yeom Woo’ was as awesome scene. Cat Street Japanese Drama. Ani January 19, at 9: Thank you for the Recaps!! Without even seeing Yeon Woo, Prince Hwon has fallen for her.

What really make me love them is that they share a love that is more than what meets the eye.

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Because of this, it hurts more to see him in pain and suffer so much. Did you know that there are two suns and two moons? When the grandma said she was going on a hunger strike, I was like “YES!

Gigolo Wannabe Japanese Movie.

Give the kid the benefit of trauma for one. Watch ‘ The Moon Embracing the Sun ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.

I think we are in it for a bucketful of tears for an ending. Shitsuren Chocolatier Japanese Drama.


I was soo sure they would do that in order to get Yeon-Woo out of the palace and into becoming a Shaman KompaktneHaare January 20, at 4: I’m kinda sad princess minhwa kept quiet till this day and married yeom without any worries.

I agree to let whichever fan out there that claimed him have him while I continue to support him quietly. I guess it would really be an unintended effect for nok young, if yeon woo could have been rescued earlier before she started to panic and inhale so much oxygen in her coffin, the amnesia probably wouldn’t have happened. I was the most worried about her.

I can’t get over how much the rating just skyrocketed! Sorry, I made a mistake in the name In the woods, Nok-young is in the middle of a rite when the candles are snuffed out by some unseen force.

I guess being frivolous is his way of fending off potential supporters to protect Hwon. The Fatal Encounter Korean Movie. Full House Korean Epsiode. Han Ga In looks much younger on screen than in pictures. Hanayome to Papa Japanese Drama. Oh well, I guess she’ll be protecting YW-so glad they ended up together. But his tone of warning leaves neither in any doubt that they stand as political opposites, each a danger to the other. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Kim Young Ae Supporting Cast.

The Moon that Embraces The Sun: Second Week Highlights

It is supposed to be Hwon not Hyon Love the adult cast and Sam dong-ah too but my ultimate bias is JIW. Nihonjin thd Shiranai Nihongo Japanese Drama. With that out of my system, this was a great episode. If she’s here, that is.


The Moon that Embraces The Sun: Second Week Highlights | Couch Kimchi

But if it waxes, it will wane, and when it wanes, it will wax again. But i hope they will get back together somehow. Kim Soo Hyun was fine too.

The brotherly love is already killing me, softly. Kazoku Game Japanese Drama. So sad to see that Yeon-woo lost her memories.


Cinderella Man Korean Drama. January 25, at 3: Haha, i felt like he was also thwt will it snow for christmas. He definitely has my vote without even seeing the epsiode! He leaves Yeom with words of warning to not hold this against the king, and to patiently await the day he may be embracss to serve Hwon. Read if you are curious just like me. January 19, at 7: Hyon’s mother is the empress, while Yang Myung’s mother is a royal consort.