Then Yahya decides to sell the stocks of Omar’s company to Omar, but he demands 10 times the original price!! First of all truly thank you for your English skills! And don’t talk about Bulent like that. Remember that” And that’s where the problem lies!!! I mean Noor is so boring and rubbish. Then when Lamees finds out about the gun goes to Kamal’s wife Jumana and tells her: He’s a million times better than whatever Muhanad’s real name is. Because of this, those that have extreme allergic reactions need to avoid these bedroom pillows and opt for polyester or bamboo dietary fiber fill up.

Hi the series finally finished. Then Yahya finds a tape showing that the gun was stolen and he turns himself in but the police let him go because they know he’s innocent! That man is sick! But I really love Deniz and Omer love story, they really suit. I mean Noor is so boring and rubbish. Don’t say things then. Hi The summary was brilliant!!!

Lamees goes to him a lot of times and tells him that she can’t live without him, that she loves him so very much, that she’s sorry! After some time, Yahya’s mother comes to Lamees and tells her that she wants her away from her son because she only brings him trouble!!

The love story in it is I think mohamet is not cute at all he is too blond and mean the series is also an bullshit NOOR And goes to Yahya but he just opens the car for her and tells her to go!

sanawat al daya3

He’s a million times better than whatever Sanawta real name is. Like, if they fight or something, it doesn’t last long and it just ends quickly without any excitement. I’m introducing you to the best tv show ever I know I’ve said so about Heroes, but this show is nothing like it. Just put a pic of him next to one of Mohanad: I think he is a very profesional actor.

She obviously doesn’t sajawat to the wedding, but later that day she goes to Yahya and tells him that their relationship won’t work out and calls off the wedding and Yahya asks why but she only tells him that they’re not right for each other!!! I’ll prove to you that I’m innocent but it’d be too late when you find out! Don’t say things then. Then, Omar and Taim report to the police about Yahya and then the police comes and takes him but Lamees says that he didn’t kidnap fl and that she went in her own will.


Sanawat El daya3 – arabic song

Rafif gets pregnant and gets very sick, and so she is hospitalized. And trust me, I really like Muhanad, but Bulent is an amazing actor and doesn’t deserve what you’re saying about him. Cannot be compared to other episodes, now we are around the end of it – episode ? Yahya goes to see her episodw she tells him that she still loves him and that she shouldn’t have left him and says that she’s sorry.

And I agree, it’s so much better than Noor. It was so nice i feel very depressed now that it has finished. I love this show!!

Lamees is embarrassed but stays with Yahya, then Taim tries to set Yahya and Lamees apart and he sends some men to dpisode hit Yahya and he is injured but no serious damages. Hello and thanx for your summary. But I really love Dxya3 and Omer love story, they really suit. The history very romantic When Lamees’s brother and mother find out that she’s pregnant, they go mad, and they want her to abort the baby but she refuses! I have to say that I truley love Bulent Inal and tuba buyukustun they really suit each other i wonder why they have seprated.

He is both talented and cute you had better wear a glasses to see him. And then he dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then she goes to Taim’s house and sees the pictures he has of her and she know that he’s obsessed with her, but she doesn’t think him as a real threat!

Maybe watch it and then restate your opinion because sanawzt single person I know who’s seen both those sanawta says that Sanawat Al Dyaa is SO much better.

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I understand a little arabic, I did manage to understand something sqnawat I have been watching it from the party where Lamees left to go to Yehya. Thanks a real lot Marie. Because of this, those that have extreme allergic reactions need to avoid these bedroom pillows and opt for polyester epsode bamboo dietary fiber fill up. Your texts are amazing, especially the AHHH!!!! After some time, Lamees finds out she’s pregnant!


I personaly have cried a lot for this couple! I cheeked kuwaitup site. I LOVE that showww.

Even though this is a very long post, but please do read it because the story in the show is really worth it! Oh and thanks for this grate summary but it would have been better if u sanawar continue it so I would understand what will happend in the end. Hey, the bloopers were really funny! This episodes is one of the best I have seen, as simple as I can put it. And he asks her why did she leave him?

They put the gun in Yahya’s car they stole the gun from Yahya’s company, so it’s considered Yahya’s gun!

Now, it is too late! P lol the story does seem well structured; you are really good at finding great TV shows eppisode watch!

Thank you for sharing Ihlamurlar altinda. After some time, on the day of the wedding that Lamees’s family know nothing about because they wouldn’t approve of such a thing Lamees’s father gets very sick and asks to see Lamees and tells samawat not to marry Yahya and insists on her promising him not to marry Yahya and she promises her father!!! She judged and won’t change her mind!

Yahya is broken-hearted and started hanging out with Omar’s sister Lamees -Filliz- to try to make Rafif jealous but ends up falling for Lamees and she falls in love with him too. I am one of the supporters of this series and these actors Bulent and Tuba they rock. Is there any chance for me to know that? Then Yahya finds a tape showing that the gun was stolen and he turns himself in but the police let him go because they know he’s innocent!