Not worth watching in theater. Its a treat to watch the movie Coming up next is the first heroine the killer. Even though “Rangitaranga” brings new wave in Kannada film industry it is high time directors stepped up and avoid loopholes making cult movies which would propel the fame of Kannada films to its previous glory. Like other movies even this had a similar format but interesting thing about this is the premise. Dead expression throughout the movie.

Cinematographers Lance Kaplan and David Williams should take a bow. RangiTaranga is set in Kamarottu, a fictional village in the Tulunadu region of Karnataka , as Indu’s Radhika Chetan ancestral village. I was very much excited to watch rangitaaranga after its rating on IMDb 9. Lucia , Ulidavaru Kandante and now Rangitaranga Ananthavelu as Shankar Master. Hindi Priyanka Chopra reveals why she added ‘Jonas’ to her Instagram. Ajay Devgn ready to apologise to Lata Mangeshkar:

Movie begins with Gautam and Indu deciding to go to Komaruttu. And the scares wouldn’t have been this extremely effective if it wasn’t for the editing! Search for ” RangiTaranga ” on Amazon.

He, however, felt that it lacked pace with the songs and these few scenes dragging the film through.

When the movie reaches the climax, and you get a hang of everything, you can almost hear that collective sigh of relief from everyone – for the mystery, that kept everyone speculate among each other for more than two hours, that was finally revealed, and for the happy realization that the money paid mpvie the movie was pretty damn worth it.

Lot of coincidences are created to suspense thriller. Dennana dennana just stays mvie your mind all the time. I would say please go watch this movie in her itself to get that thrilling experience and encourage them. Garnal Babu Roshni Kore Some of the characters really do not have much to do with the main plot could have easily be chopped off to shorten the runtime.


Avantika shetty is cute and likable.

Anup Bhandari

Govt takes back film awards. The investigative part is good and keeps you guessing between super-natural things guddada bhoota, angaraka, bramha rakshasa and someone doing it for a reason. Hindi Priyanka Chopra reveals why she added ‘Jonas’ to her Instagram. The first half of Rangitaranga goes real good and during the intermission it does put you into thinking mode. Also please add your Music album with all instrumentals to spotify, Amazon music etc.

The light setting, the camera angles are different and it uplifts the movie to a whole new level. KeleCheluve- a Yakshgana redemption gives a new feel to the audience. Director, lyrics and typical Kannada songs are truly appreciable.

Their accents are a bit out of place. A journalist sets out to uncover the truth behind an incident, through the perspectives of different people, unraveling how they and their lives are intertwined with it. Harini, in an impulsive action fueled by fear, killed a man who got abusive and threatening after she spurned his physical advances. Kareyole kareyole is well stitched with maximum letter ‘ka’, with strong words. Their accents are a bit out of place.

Debutant Nirup Bhandari main character has done excellent job as Gautam,his voice suits his personality. A perfect suspense thriller where in until the end there is no chance anyone could guess the mysterious killer.

They escape across Karnataka in a roller-coaster ride that is at once enthralling, exasperating and nail-biting. Avantika Shetty as Sandhya. Rangitaranga does have this shortcomings and could have gotten much better however as a whole the experience what it has to deliver is put across.

Sandhya meets Gautham during the investigation of his wife’s disappearance and helps him in discovering a diary titled “Harini”. It was fantastic to work with Boman Irani: Speaking to BM after returning from a month-long visit to the US, Nirup confirmed that they are looking at shooting for their upcoming movie in November or December.


The frames are pretty good and most of the shots are smooth flowing.


Though there are considerably some significant amount of continuity issues in terms of shots which come over there are many things to catch on that these nuances tend to get forgotten. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city OK. The new poster from ‘Madhura Raja’ will steal your heart.

The songs are rich and neatly shot, two songs almost back to back could have been avoided in second half the pace somewhat loses there.

RangiTaranga () – IMDb

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The soundtrack album consists of 10 tracks, featuring a flute bit of the track “Dennana Dennana”, a karaoke of “Akka Pakka” and a dialogue bit “Ashu Kavi Kalinga” mouthed by Saikumar.

There is a problem when you place two scenes side by sidea scene in the night time followed by a shot during the day and again night. It jumps from one to the other intermittently. Indu, a soft natured girl, paints the cover pages of all Gautam’s novels.