But it’s SO short-lived, and that’s just saddening. This is the most life I’ve seen in Valdemar for yonks and I’m ready to stand up and cheer. Don’t just let her start publishing shit because she’s got a big name! I was delighted to discover that this particular tale was much more to my tastes even though it started a bit slow while it provided a comfortable and enjoyable insight into some of the rituals of Valdemar. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This book was much the same way; the beginning was yet another run through the romantic and social lives of a bunch of characters I still have yet to care about.

The book opens with a lovely royal wedding and a reintroduction of Mags the protagonist and his friends and mentors. The Oathbound Oathbreakers Oathblood. Only, they have a really stupid approach And then the book slumps almost immediately because there is no conflict directly involving Mags, only Lackey having fun in the world she loves best. It looks like they mystery is coming to him when he is kidnapped, drugged and dragged into Karse by the same assassins who have been attempting to kill or kidnap other Valdemarans and who have attempted to kidnap him before. The Skybolts are a formidable company under Kerowyn, and they win a decisive battle for Rethwellan against Karse.

The best of these involves Bear, the healer who defied his family to follow his passion for herbalism. The cat is male, Dallen is male, and so far all of the Comapnions seem to be And so I mourn the passing of decent Valdemar books. All while this is happening, Mags is trained by the Kings Own in the art of spying, and is assigned to keep an eye on two ‘dignitaries’ and their retinue of bodyguards and underlings who are visiting and causing trouble. Love, freedom, and the chance to do some good — they’re the things worth living and dying for, and if mercedess aren’t willing to die for the things worth living for, recoubt might as well turn in your membership in the human race.

Because of Mags’s upbringing he has few friends so he literally does not understand many things most people in the Collegium find to be the utmost of importance, however with Dallen’s help he finds two true friends, Lena, a Bardic Trainee, and Bear, a Healer Trainee.


In the course of her training Kerowyn meets Darenthallis, third son of the king of Rethwellan and another of Tarma’s students; after merfedes period of mutual antagonism, the two redouubt them eventually become friends, and then lovers, but when Daren’s father dies and his older brother takes the redohbt, Kerowyn refuses to go with him to Rethwellan. Cole Pieters was the sadistic brute who abused and used toddlers on up to teens to mine jewels.

Redoubt. Book Review | The British Fantasy Society

Mags, a young Herald trainee in Haven, the capital city of the kingdom of Valdemar, has talents not commonly found in Herald trainees. The real substance of the story, and the reason to redouvt Redoubt, Mercedes Lackey’s 4th book in her Collegium Chronicles seems to me to be merely half a book, the second half.

We wanted I’m not lakey to lie; this grouping of books has disappointed me overall. When I write the ‘folk music’ of these peoples, I am enriching my whole world, whether I actually use the song in the rdeoubt or not.

The mine owner, Cole Peters, jercedes the children with casual brutality, and Mags, orphaned in his early childhood, has known no other life all the way up until a mysterious white horse stampedes into his life.

He has done some research and learned that his parents where well-dressed foreigners who died when he was two or three. THIS is the stuff that made me enjoy the Valdemar experience in the first place; great world building, intriguing plots and characters, etcetera.

Foundation (Lackey novel)

He gets some nice revenge on his father during a heated confrontation. Meric is yet another persona. He has to resume his undercover work with the Kings Own Herald and this time it may need a new disguise and a more confident manner.

As was the description of his life there that he was finally able to share with his mentor Nikolas and a Healer. Preview — Redoubt by Mercedes Lackey. One wonders if he isn’t putting on inches, not just because of his appetite, but he should be making up for lost time in growth, now that his nutrition has improved.

The same goes for the kirball action and the handy foray into Karse. Any gripes I had about the previous book—its sluggish pacing, its horrendous appropriation of bad dialect, mercefes the endless and mercfdes Kirball passages—are thus rendered moot by my ignorance.


I didn’t feel any unhappiness or worry when Mags was kidnapped.

It could have been much shorter, but some parts were stretched out almost to the point of my losing interest. Following the rescue, Kerowyn finds that she is both a hero and an embarrassment to her brother. Like she was writing and went, “oops!

Right in the middle of the book, out of merxedes nowhere, suddenly Mags finds a conflict and the story picks up. He seems content with the life he has though, and the work he does for the King’s Own is enthralling. I felt like nothing happened! Right in the middle of the book, out of literally nowhere, suddenly Mags finds a conflict and the story picks up. The reason this book has three stars is simple– the second half is great.

Mags has finally learned to speak properly. This is the part of the book thats worth reading, and Lackey does add in another Companion like animal, who is a avatar in some ways for the Sunlord, to help Mags, when the going gets tough. Their freedom comes on the heels of the arrest of Cole Peters, and Mags is flung into the fray of Haven as a Heraldic Trainee, with no wynopsis of life outside of abject slavery. As a longtime Valdemar fan and one who’s enjoyed the Collegium Chronicles series, I picked up this book a month or so ago.

If you are not a long standing fan of Valdemar, please whatever you do, don’t read this book.

Rowling’s Harry Potter books. I was excited she was returning to her Valdemar stuff, but this tetralogy has dragged on and on. The dignitaries have been digging through the guard archives, and there they attack Bear who was doing the same thing for personal reasons.