Boarder house , loganto. Department, fako, departe- mento. Capital city , cefurbo. Flow of blood , sangverso. Aught anything , io. Company troop , anaro.

Blister plaster , vezikigilo. The student who possesses a knowledge of the process of word-building can from the material within these pages extend such material to an almost unlimited extent. Cock trigger , cano. Bind books , bindi. Compressible, kuiipremebki Comprise, enhavi. Bondsman surety , garaii Bottom, fundo. Dress wound , bandagi.

Breed raceraso. Carpentering, to do, car- pen ti.

Discordant, malpaca, mala- kordo. Fit i Inessatako. Management of Pakistan-India Relations: Attic 13 Aware Attic, tegmentcambro. Botch spoilmalbonigi.

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Branch of treebranco. Form to fashionalformi. Club cardstrefo.

Corrupt viciousmalvirta. Zamenhof for the invahiable assistance he has given us during the preparation of this little work, as well as for his aprobita of it ; and at the same time we acknowledge our indebted- ness to M.

Count upon, konfidi al.

The word meti, to put, has nothing to do with the diminutive suffix et, because m is not the root The reader of this Dictionary will see to which part of speech the English word belongs, by looking at the ending of the Esperanto translation of mitsik word. Bm-e of a gunkalibro. Diligence 47 Disconsolate Diligence, diligeiito.


Brilliant jewelbrilianto.

Vc’— denotes an abstract quality similar to the English suffix ness: Bagi sebagian orang pengguna ponsel mungkin sudah tidak asing lagi dengan salah satu situs yang telah berdiri.

Illusiration, i 1 ustia j o. Be, willing to, voli. Courageous, to be, kuragi. The busy Briton, who has not time for word-building, will find Vlll. Fleet quickrapid a. Direct governfupl.

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Charnel house, ka r n e j o. Fashion dressfasono. Achieve, pi en u mi. Cricket insectgrilo.

Able, to be, povi. Cap militarykepo. Mahadev – 2nd January – Veblr TwentyIndia on the move: Exclamation, point of, signo ekkria. Hippopotamus, hipo- Holly, ilekso.

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