As Dyesebel faces a difficult choice, will she save the merkingdom or will they suffer from Dyangga’s hands forever? Now, he loves Dyesebel. But therefore she must face one of the most powerful men and warriors of t Dyesebel gets hurt of what Fredo is doing to Liro. Tino Dyesebel’s father , angered by his child’s deformity, wanted to abandon the child, only to be hindered by a bolt of lightning during a typhoon. She is better off remain a worker in the company. Main Dyesebel Fredo Betty Gildo. He finds the place where this man was hiding.

Fredo tries to contact them, but the number was out of coverage area. In what appears to be a serendipitous encounter upon saving the life of a stranger, the calculated and reserved businessman Nick meets the impulsive and optimistic photographer Ali, who believes in destiny and carpe d Dyesebel asks her to set Banak free from slavery. The wedding of Fredo and Dyesebel is finally happening. Tension is building between Dyesebel and Betty. The young mermaid promises her mother, Banak to follow all the instructions of the Princess so that they will not get into trouble again. He feels that they have connection to each other because they are always meeting unexpectedly. She then sees Edward Richard Gomez again as an adult, then searches Banak, a sea witch this time, to help her acquire human legs through a magic shell.

He needs to be strong so that he can finally express his feelings towards the beautiful mermaid.

Luckily, Liro — a young merman saves her, and the two become friends. Tino Dyesebel’s fatherangered by his child’s deformity, wanted to abandon the child, only to be hindered dtesebel a bolt of lightning during a typhoon. Mysterious things are happening in a remote barrio. Hombre admin 4 months ago 5.

Dyesebel (1996)

Because of these, Reyna Dyangga commands her assistant to know the secret of Dyesebel. Meanwhile, Lucia found a baby inside the carton. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: It was the first Dyesebel to swim underwater, to shoot real underwater scenes, to use the “orange-colored” fish tail which is commonly used nowto show the combination of Dyesebel’s life underwater water and on land, and to tell a realistic story line on love and relationships.


She did not realize that humans could be this affectionate and passionate. While Dyesebel being nice towards Prinsesa Coralia, the latter continues to plot against her servant. There at the Barangay office, she discovers that there is a woman who fell in love with merman, bore a child and lost it. Fight for Justice admin 1 week ago 3. Fredo and Dyesebel continue loving each other despite the challenge of their relationship.

At the merkingdom, Dyesebel and Liro tries to save the merpeople who are against Dyangga. Dyesebel is in the laboratory subjected under the microscope, and is being studied by worthless scientists. Lists of fantasy television series episodes Lists of Philippine drama television series episodes.

Meanwhile, Lucia finds a bit of more hope as she gets closer to finding her real daughter. Together with Gobi and Octavio, Liro organizes a coup d’etat against Dyangga to set things right in their kingdom. Fredo as Matt Mendoza Gloria Diaz Lucia, seeing Dyesebel lonely, asks her what she feels deep inside.

Now that he finds her, Fredo witnessed Dyesebel in her mermaid form for the first time. Now, it is Fredo versus Liro as both are in a race to win the heart of the fair mermaid. Fredo brings Dyesebel to his house so that he can introduce her to his parents and to prove that she is real.

However, Thomas brings her closer to the pool and Dyesebel falls into the water. However, young Fredo is sad thinking he was the reason behind his parents separation. Para sa broken hearted admin 3 weeks ago And with the exposure of Banak to the human land, Lucia was able to have renewed hope about getting to meet her daughter Beatriz once again.

After Haring Aurelio finds out that his son, Tino, has a relationship with a human, he banishes him from the ocean. Join Dyesebel as she grows up into a beautiful mermaid, together with her bestfriend Liro, Fredo, and Betty! On land, Elena is making evil plans against Lucia while Fredo and Betty is building a good relationship. Elena gets jealous seeing her mother treating Lucia like a real daughter.


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Dyesebel and Fredo are in love after being jovie. She is asking for her freedom but she can’t escape because she needs to be studied so that humans can defend themselves against mermaids.

The two kids, Fredo and Betty are now friends, while Dyesebel finds a way to avoid fighting with Prinsesa Coralia. Set in the world of high-stakes cockfighting, gamblers place their money and lives on the line.

What will happen now that the authority captured Lucia and Fredo? After a bitter fight, they finally decide to end their marriage. Ang Sugarol admin 4 months ago 3. She is subsequently rescued by Fredo and is brought back to the ocean.

Meanwhile, a message in a bottle has reached Fredo as he strolls along the seashore. However, it only turned Dyesebel into a human permanently, and Malou into a mermaid permanently. In order for this man to dyesrbel what he wants, he told him to destroy his family if this he will refuse.

Meanwhile, Reyna Dyangga suggests they must take action or else they will lose everything. Betty gets hurt and feels afraid that Fredo will be gone after what happened. Onlind thinks that this man is her father, so she gives him a hug. Betty is also shocked upon learning that they were lost.

Everyone is present at the church, especially Fredo who is excited waiting for her bride. Only to find out that she has always dyesebsl with her all the time. Fantastica admin 1 month ago