Two men besiege a lunch bar looking for a third man they must kill. Tarkovsky cast Anatoli Solonitsyn for the role of Andrei Rublev. After opening in Moscow in , it was suppressed until the Cannes film festival, and didn’t reach Britain till Goofs The smoothly-cut logs that feature many times in the early scenes are clearly cut with machinery not available in the early fifteenth century. Durochka Irma Raush whose name identifies her as a holy fool or Yurodivy , wanders in out of the rain and is upset by the sight of the paint on the wall. Texts as well as any visual and audio material on the website of the trigon-film foundation are intended for reporting on the respective film or the promotion of the theatrical release. At the dawn of World War III, a man searches for a way to restore peace to the world and finds he must give something in return.

In , the film was shown on Soviet television in a minute version that Tarkovsky did not authorize. Although the film is only loosely based on the life of Andrei Rublev, it seeks to depict a realistic portrait of medieval Russia. A pan across the assembly reveals white-robed Durochka, leading a horse preceded by a child, presumably hers as she walks through the crowd. Andrei Rublev is divided into eight episodes, with a prologue and an epilogue only loosely related to the main film. There is currently no review on this movie available in English. I see you are a wise man. Halifax Weddings The couple’s guide to everything. He tells the Prince’s men that he is the only one who possesses his father’s secret, delivered at the death bed, of casting a bronze bell and persuades them to take him with them as he is the only person left alive who can make it successfully.

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: The next morning Andrei returns to his group, including Daniil, and as they leave on their boats a group of soldiers appear on the riverbank chasing after several of the pagans including Marfa.

I shortened the final version to 3 hours 6 minutes. As the furnaces are opened and the molten metal pours into the mould, he privately asks God for help. Kirill then criticises Andrei for allowing his God-given talent for painting to go to waste and pleads with him to resume his artistry, to no response.

Her feeble-mindedness and innocence leads Andrei to the idea to paint a feast. Soviet officials tried to prevent the official release of the film in France and other countries, but were not successful as the French distributor had legally acquired the rights in The balloon is tethered to the spire of a church next to a river, with a man named Yefim Nikolay Glazkov attempting to make the flight by use of a harness roped beneath the balloon.


Hoberman reporting a slightly earlier date of September for the start of filming in his film essay for the Criterion collection release of the film.

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The three have just left the Andronikov Monasterywhere they have lived for many years, heading to Moscow. For the role of Andrei Rublev he required “a face with great expressive power in which one could see a demoniacal single-mindedness”.

Color Sovcolor Black zndrej White.

Retrieved 22 December The Bishop’s messenger is cruelly tortured to make andrwj reveal the location of the city’s gold, which he refuses to do. In much wisdom there is much grief. While Foma has talent as an artist, he is less concerned with the deeper meaning of his work and more concerned with practical aspects of the job, like perfecting his azurea colour which in painting was often considered unstable to mix.

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A dying man in his forties remembers his past. Andrei is intrigued and excited by the behaviour of the pagans but is caught spying on a couple making love, is tied to the crossbeam of a hut in a mockery of Jesus’ crucifixion and is threatened with drowning in the morning. Retrieved 22 February Kirill intervenes on behalf of the silent Andrei and later privately confesses that his sinful envy of Andrei’s talent dissipated once he heard Andrei had abandoned painting and that it was he, Kirill, who had denounced the skomorokh.

Foma’s fantasy of flight in episode two, Andrei’s reminiscence of the three monks under a rain-soaked oak tree in episode four, the younger prince’s fantasy of humiliating the Grand Prince in episode five, and Boriska’s recollection of the bellfounding in episode seven.

Stone carvers and decorators of Andrei’s party have also been working on the Grand Prince’s mansion.

To Tarkovsky, Solonitsyn provided the right physical appearance and the talent of showing complex psychological processes. He chose Andrei Rublev for his importance in the history of Russian culture.

Andrej Rubljow Andrei TarkowskiRussia Original theatrical release poster. Archived from the original on 31 October For example, during the Tatar raid of Vladimir a cow is set on fire. The amount of skill and thought, and work that went into this film echoes within the timeless imagery that the director has created.

The icons are shown in the following order: Andrei decides to give up painting and takes a vow of silence to atone for killing another man.

The three represent different creative characters. He wanted to show an artist’s maturing and the development of his talent. He comes to the conclusion that he has lost the ease of mind that an artist needs for his work.


Inwhen Andrei Rublev was once again shown on Soviet TV, the epilogue was once again in black and white, despite the Soviet Union having completely transitioned to color TV. Solonitsyn, who had read the film script in the film magazine Iskusstvo Kinowas very enthusiastic about the role, traveled to Moscow at his own expense to meet Tarkovsky and even declared that no one could play this role better than him.

A guide leads two men through an area known as the Zone to find a room that grants wishes.

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While walking in the woods, Andrei and Foma have a conversation about Foma’s faults, especially lying. To produce this image, Tarkovsky injured the horse by shooting it in the neck and then pushed it from the stairs, causing the animal to falter and fall down the flight of stairs.

Retrieved 3 August Trivia This andrem is part of the Criterion Collection, spine While the Grand Prince is away in Lithuania, his power-hungry younger brother forms an allegiance with a group of Tatars and raids Vladimir.

Despite the cuts having originated with Goskino’s demands, Tarkovsky ultimately endorsed the minute cut the film over the original minute version:. The group taunt and play with her, but the dubljow takes a liking to her, putting his horned helmet on her head and dressing her as a bride, finally deciding to take her away with him as his eighth, and only Russian, wife. Although they have been there for several months the walls are still white and bare as Andrei is doubting himself.

Andrei leaves for Moscow with his young apprentice Foma Mikhail Kononov. Retrieved 7 December He has suffered during his time away from the monastery and begs the father superior to allow him to return. As a result, several versions of the film exist. Watch our trailer of trailers.

Already withdrawn as a result of his routines, Sasha quickly regains confidence when he accidentally Its Christian spiritualism offended the Soviet authorities; its depiction of Russia’s savage history upset nationalists like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and its challenging form led to various cuts.